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  • Grand Consul Valerius

    Quintus Valerius Rullianus Valerius serves as leader of the imperial consulate. Formed of the Grand Consul and the other (informally titled) consuls, the consulate manages the executive powers of the empire and advises the emperor. They are essentially a …

  • Doran the Black

    Doran Pallantides Caecilus Leader of the black dragons, the imperial guard of Aquilonia. Formally titled Chief Praetor, leader of the Praetorians, everyone knows them as the Black Dragons. They dress only in ceremonial black laminated scale mail, giving …

  • Yezzan

    He is the imperial soothsayer – communes with the oracles.

  • Volmana

    The Count of Karaban and well known as the leader of the loyalist faction in Tarantia. He was in favor under the previous regime, a strong ally of the old king. A member of the conspiracy, Volmana contributed political contacts. He was responsible for …

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