Grand Consul Valerius

Grand Consul of Aquilonia and Leader of the Imperial Consulate


Head of the anti-Conan faction in the Aquilonian
Tall, neat, and never out of place, Valerius is quintessentially Aquilonian and hails from one of the oldest half-elf political families, the house of Rullianus.
Severe and strict, Valerius has few friends but the respect of all and fear of most. He is mannerly and intelligent.


Quintus Valerius Rullianus
Valerius serves as leader of the imperial consulate. Formed of the Grand Consul and the other (informally titled) consuls, the consulate manages the executive powers of the empire and advises the emperor. They are essentially a cabinet of ministers made of the heads of agencies of government. As Grand Consul, Valerius is the prime minister. He is also therefore tasked with organizing the Senate of Lords though he takes no parts in their debates or voting. First and foremost, the grand consul is a politician.

Grand Consul Valerius

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