Caspian’s human guise is that of a woman with dark brown hair and light green eyes. She has a strong build, 5’8 inches tall and her skin is quite bronze. She is quick to smile and has an easy manner.


STR: 11
CON: 16
DEX: 10
INT: 15
WIS: 10
CHA: 17

HP: 28

AC: 15 FORT: 13 REF: 13 WILL: 15

She wields a whip sword made of the tail bone of a great serpent. It has a flute for a handle and the bones themselves have been carved so that the weapon whistles as she swings it in the air. She is able to retract the bone so that it can be used as a long sword as well.


Caspian is not really human. She is Atlantean. She is 306 years old and has not seen another one of her kind since the fall of Atlantis. She believes herself to be the last of her people.

She learned to hide her unnatural abilities and her appearance from her first foray into other lands. Her familiarity with the sea led her to seek the life of a sailor. The travel was well suited to someone that wished to conceal her identity. She developed a knack for story telling and reworked the songs of her country into tunes that inspired her fellow sailors. Caspian sailed the trade ships of Argos for many years and even enjoyed a brief stint with a band of corsairs (pirates) for a short time.

It was after the corsairs disbanded in the congo-like area of Hyrule that Caspian discovered she had another love besides the sea. Hunting. The tribes of the area were plagued with beasts that needed to be slain. She was just the woman to provide that service. Not only was she able to return with the pelts and teeth of her prey but also the tales of their conquest.

Caspian has not allowed herself to become too close to any one over the years. She is friendly but there is always a distance that is kept.


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