Races of the Hyborian Age

The Common Races

The Seven Common Races make up the overwhelming majority of the people you will encounter. First and foremost is Humanity. The human race dominates all of the great civilizations of the west. Nemedia, Ophir, Brythunia, Zamora, Koth, and the great Aquilonia are all human nations, each one sprinkled with citizens from the other common races.

Dragonborn dominated the world from Kirith Tor, a shining empire far to the south in the age before Atlantis sank beneath the waves. As high as they rose, so the Dragonborn have fallen. Now a small race, they live among the human nations. Also scattered among the human nations – primarily Aquilonia, Zingara, Argos, Ophir, Koth, and Shem – are the Half-Elves and the Half-Orcs.

To the cold North, beyond the Cimmerian borderlands with their great evergreen forests lies the twin nations of the hardy Dwarves, Vanaheim and Asgard. The Dwarves live apart from the human nations, though they are not an unfriendly people. Divided into Vanir and Aesir, the Dwarves are conetent to live apart in the snow-capped mountains.

To the Northwest beyond the Black River lies the jungle frontier and the tribal Picts (Elves). Once the few survivors of the Cataclysm, fleeing from the destruction of their Atlantean home, the Picts descended into chaos and barbarism. Nearly destroying themselves, the Picts became a tribal and violent race, obsessed with the destruction of non-Picts but spending their years warring against each other. They have never expanded beyond their jungle home, which is not a kingdom but simply the domain of the dozens of tribes they have become. They do not have cities or advancement, but their long lives, powerful bodies, and razor sharp instincts nevertheless make them among the most powerful warriors.

Despite the Pictish savagery, members of the Elven race do occasionally leave the jungles for civilization. This intermingling has led to the rise of the Half-Elves. As a race, they live entirely among the human nations, though they have risen particularly high in Ophir, where the royal family is dominated by Half-Elves. Over the past two centuries, humanity has come to treat the Half-Elves as part of their own race, with a surprising lack of discrimination.

By contrast, the Half-Orcs live throughout the human nations in squalor, servitude, and sometimes outright slavery. Seen as part monstrous, half-orcs are rejected by the orcish tribes of the wild as well as civilized men.

Usually known as the River Folk, Halflings live exclusively in and around the three great rivers of the western nations, Thunder river, the Korotas, and the Asgalun. They live a gypsy-like existence, within the human nations but set apart. Their reed and wooden boats carry them up and down their rivers and deltas, trading extensively at all ports. They also fish extensively, selling their catch to Zingarans, Argosians, and Shemites alike.

The Other Races of the Wide World

Atlanteans (Eladrin)

Hyperboreans (Goliaths)

Beastlings (Shifters)



Vendhyans (Githzerai)



Races of the Hyborian Age

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