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Welcome to The Lost Nemedian Chronicles!

This is a D&D 4th Edition campaign setting adapted from Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories. Howard built an amazing and evocative world for Conan to live in by borrowing from the barbaric ages of nearly every civilization on earth. He took the elements he wanted to write about, smashed them all into one big continent, and thus gave birth to a world he called “The Hyborian Age”.

I love the idea of a complete world as a background for playing Dungeons and Dragons, but I hate the idea of building one from nothing. So I’ve followed Oscar Wilde’s advice, “Good writers borrow, great writers steal.” Here in this wiki you’ll find my mind’s photo-copy of the Hyborian Age, adapted for D&D by changing different civilizations into different races and adding more D&D style magic. I hope you all enjoy playing in the world as much as I’ve enjoyed thinking about it.

Magic in the Hyborian Age

In D&D, one might imagine that magic and spells are everywhere. Conan’s world had sorcery, but it was rare and untrusted. So I’ve shmushed some ideas together. Read more…

Races of the Hyborian Age




Picts (Elves)



Halflings, the River folk

The Other Races of the Wide World

Atlanteans (Eladrin)

Hyperboreans (Goliaths)

Beastlings (Shifters)


Vendhyans (Githzerai)

Not all of the races of D&D exist in the Hyborian Age. If I’ve left out a race you want to play, let me know and I’ll add it in somewhere.

Major Gods of the Hyborian Age

As much as possible, I have tied each god in the Player’s Handbook to a god in Conan’s world. That way, we can easily use and of the religion related powers, feats, items, etc. Just replace the name of the old god (in parentheses) with the new one.

Mitra the Mighty, the Civilized God (Erathis and Ioun)

Ymir, God of the Dwarven Winter (Moradin)

Set the Serpent, God of Death (The Raven Queen)


Melora, Primal Goddess of the Wild and the Sea

Corellon, Lord of the Fey, the lost God of Atlantis

Ishtar, Goddess of Life (Pelor)

Bahamut, the Lost Dragon

Sehanine, the River Goddess

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