There is the Universe. The Universe has laws.
There is Life. Life discovers the laws.
There is Power. Life uses Power to change the Universe.
– When life works it’s will on the Universe, that is what the common man names magic.

-Epimetrius, the Grey Sage


In the time of Conan’s Aquilonia, with bright shining cities scattered across the Hyborian nations, magic is a rare and feared power. Gone are the days of the sorcerer guilds of Kirith Tor and the Warlock Cults of the Stygian wastes. So too are the heights of the Arcane arts lost under the seas with Atlantis, which had bathed in the light of Correlon’s teaching.

But not all magic has disappeared from the world.

Spheres of Magic

There are three spheres of power, the Arcane, the Divine Spirit, and the World Force,

The Arcane, also known as the great mysteries, is the power called on by sorcerers, studied by wizards, and channeled by bards. The origin of the Arcane force is beyond even the gods. Some of the great wizards of history believed that arcane power was a building block of the universe, or a piece of the creator himself. They claimed that even the most potent sorcerer tapped into a tiny portion of it, as a cup of water is to all the oceans combined.

The Divine Spirit is the power of the gods. There have been many Gods. Gods of death, Gods of life, Gods of Thunder and Oceans, Warfare and Wisdom. The only consistent fact in man’s understanding of the Gods is that they have power. In rare cases, the Gods grant some of their power to holy men and women of their faith. Legends tell of the 7 Sages of Mitra, and Gorm, Paladin of Ymir, and the dark tales of the Black Ring, a cult of mages who receive their power from the serpent god Set. In the Hyborian age, there is little evidence of the Gods’ divine influence. Men have forgotten the secrets to calling on the Divine Spirit and casting holy spells.

The World Force, also called natural power or life magic, is the essence of living things. This power sets apart from the Arcane and the Divine. Both of those spheres of magic come from above and beyond the world. But the natural force comes from life itself, men, women, the animals of the plains, mountains and seas, even the forests and grasses are part of this magic. Though little known in the West, travelers tell tales of the Shamans of the far east or the magi of the Pictish jungles. Supposedly they can call on the natural force to produce wondrous and powerful spells.


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