The Lost Nemedian Chronicle

The Black Forest - Part III
Return of the Prince

The prince rescued…

A monstrous abomination…

Return to civilization…

Royal celebration…

Traitors revealed…

The Black Forest, part II
From the pages of a huntress's journal

With the sun starting to fade over the horizon, and the goblins having a small lead, the adventurers felt time was of the essence. Caspian and King Dong-Ki took the lead with Chell Al’al and Hou Shan close behind as they followed the trail left by the goblins. Shan noted how their quarry was being abnormally cautious with their tracks. Beastmen like goblins rarely think to cover their trail, but these were obviously making an attempt. Unfortunately for the goblins, their inexperience left a marred path just as good, if not better, to follow.

The first goblin the party encountered was alone at a clearing surrounded by gnarled trees covered in cobwebs. He appeared to be moving the webbing with a stick, but panicked at the sight of the adventurers and attempted to run. In a shocking move, Chell teleported to the goblin’s position and attacked. The goblin fled into the woods, but was quickly overtaken and knocked out by King. In the meantime, spiders poured from the trees over Chell. Caspian also showed the ability to teleport, and appeared at Chell’s side to assist her with Shan close behind—summoning his stone companion into the fray. After defeating the spiders and their two dog sized brood mothers, Chell went and dispatched the goblin. Shan took the Web-Moving Pole, and the group continued on after the goblins.

By then the sun had set, and the adventurers arrived at the goblin encampment. They defeated the lookouts, and a goblin champion whose head Shen took and gave to Chell before moving into the cave. Inside, they threw the champion’s head at the horde and they made quick work of them. A single skirmisher escaped out the front while hollering for mercy. The chieftain hexor also escaped, but far more cunningly. He fled into a tunnel, and yelled that it was “too late to save the prince.” King followed the chief only to find his path blocked by a large statue.

King returned from the tunnel with a completely different demeanor, as if he had seen a ghost. He claimed he’d have to meditate on his experience before speaking on it. Chell went to investigate the statue after seeing King’s reaction, but returned claiming to have noticed nothing. The group had many wounds to tend to from the chase, and decided to take up camp for the night.

The Black Forest, part I
You're traveling along the road when...

Though Aquilonia is a lawful nation, common practice is to travel the roads in groups. To go alone on long journeys makes the traveler easy prey for bandits, the goblins that haunt the woods, or even the rare barbarian raiding party from the north. And so these four adventurers traveled together on the Bossonian Road; a pair of friends from the far east, the Vhendyan Shaman Hou Shan and his friend and companion King; the mysterious holy man, Chell, who the Vhendyans have been traveling with since they left Tarantia; and a new acquaintance, the hunter, artist, and woman of many talents, Caspian.

As they traveled across the southern border of the forest, the hot sun peaked out from the trees. Suddenly a great white stag burst from the trees. Caspian could hardly breathe from the beauty of this beast she hunted. The others were simply shocked. Certainly none of them were prepared for what followed. A young hunter on a fine grey stallion, collapsing from some kind of poison. Goblins lying in wait to ambush the boy. A fierce battle. The young hunter kidnapped by the vile beasts and spirited away into the eaves of the forest!

A troop of soldiers emerged from the forest, only to collapse from the same poison that plagues the boy. The last soldier revealed the boy’s secret. He is the Prince of Aquilonia! Why are these Goblins hunting him? How did they know where he would be? Will the adventurers save him or run off to find more help?

As we open the first scroll...
You find yourself in an inn...

Four adventurers, each exploring the world for a different reason. Two explore openly, seeking new experiences and new peoples. Two hide themselves from the world they travel in. The truth is dangerous.


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